Nurturing kids on Bowen Island

The early years lay the foundation for children's social skills later on. A good preschool and kindergarten experience can form an impression of 'school' that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. In small groups (up to eight kids) each child is heard and included. Kids gain confidence in relationships with other kids while enjoying a fun and relaxed place to hang out.

Each program is shaped around the interests of the children in the group. Their curiousities and learning styles are supported.

The program helps them improve their fine motor skills, which are another important underpinning of their abilities later in school.

We'll try a variety of activities, many of which are organized around a theme to better cement new ideas. The games, crafts, worksheets and other techniques stimulate their minds and senses in a variety of ways, so some are likely to appeal to each child's unique way of learning.

Thoughtfully prepared activities, a small group size, and a warm and friendly approach brings out the best in children.



“What a gift to have Monica in the lives of my children. They are older now, and still talk so fondly of all the creativity and care they experienced with her when they were younger. The were able to have such valuable social and learning experiences with Monica in a loving, fun environment. We are all so grateful for all she has shared with our family.”
~ Caitlin Frost, mother of two, coach and faciliator