How Monica's kid programs work

Registration Policy

Enrolment procedures and children's orientation

Interested parents are first invited to bring their children to take a look at the program. If possible, the child attends a session before enrolling in a regular schedule. We'll discuss a schedule that best matches your needs. Parents are welcome to stay the first time a child attends, though usually kids have a great time and may even participate better when the parent goes away for at least part of the first session. Some kids come for full days, many come for partial days. Usually they come twice per week.

When to register

Anytime. Registration periods match the school year (Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, Summer), and it's a good idea to make contact a couple of months before the semester begins to create a schedule that suits you and your children.

Upon registration you'll be asked to fill in a form with your contact information, names of alternate people who may authorize to pick up your child, any food allergies or medical conditions your child may have, etc.


$8/hr. (Sept. 2011)
Paid in advance monthly.

Type of payment accepted: cash or cheque made out to Monika Senn.

Refund policy

The fees are paid to keep a space open on a regular schedule, so there is no refund for skipped/missed sessions. There are full refunds for sessions cancelled by us.

Attendance and withdrawal (e.g. holidays and illness)

If you'll be leaving for a longer period, I can sometimes arrange a temporary schedule so that you don't pay while you're away, and so your child can return to the program when you get back.

Program policy

Hours of operation

Open by appointment only between 9-5, Mon- Fri. Closed on weekends, holidays and in case of illness.

Transportation of children, field trips

Generally I ask that you bring kids to the daycare and pick them up. Sometimes we can arrange to walk or drive somewhere to meet. I can only transport a couple of kids at a time. From time to time we may short field trips, usually on foot, to the library, the lagoon, the beach, the forest, the meadow or Collins Hall.

Pickup/dropoff of kids

By bringing children and picking them up on time you ensure that all the kids get the best, most focused experience. The period begins at the scheduled time or when the child arrives, whichever is first. It ends when the scheduled period ends or the child goes home, whichever is later. I have a space in the registration form where you can put the names and contact numbers for anyone you think may come to pick up your child other than you. For more on this policy see item 2 the end of this document.

Child custody

Under child care regulations I'm required to get direct consent from the parent or guardian before allowing anyone other than them to pick up their child. I must be informed in advance if a custody agreement is in place limiting the access of a parent to their child, or if another person is to regularly pick up the child.

Meals and snacks

Please pack a lunch for your child if they will be here between 12-1 pm. Please also provide a snack for morning and/or afternoon. Let me know if the child has any allergies.

Clothes and personal belongings

If clothes or other items are left behind and we know who's it is, we'll let you know and keep it for you. We'll hang on to unidentified items for a month.


I'll be happy to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child or the daycare experience. Feel free to ask about our policies on any areas not outlined here.

Call or email to arrange a visit!