The fun we'll have...

Monica's Kid Programs include a wide repertoire of crafts, games, activities and challenges for children. They're often tied together with imaginary journeys, for example if we learn about African animals we start with a book, then pretend to build a plane and fly it to Africa. We might make cardboard cameras and take pictures of animals.

We'll make toys and crafts from recyclable things we can find around ourselves, encouraging imagination and creativity. Some projects last over several sessions, building an understanding of working towards a goal.

Things we've done together include:

felting ~ painting ~ papier maché ~ gluing ~ making puppets ~ making things from recyclable materials ~ puppet shows ~ singing ~ games ~ making dioramas ~ exploring nature ~ looking in ponds ~ looking at the stars ~ learning how to interact with guinea pigs ~ baking ~ making books ~ dressing up ~ making costumes for stuffies ~ candlemaking ~ playing with water ~ sewing ~ reading, writing and arithmetic exercises ~ activities for developing social and fine motor skills ~ learning to share ~ learning to clean up ~ having fun in the rain ~ kitchen chemistry (such as making volcanos with baking soda) ~ making up stories ~ hearing stories ~ rhythm and music with percussion, recorders and instruments we can make ~ treasure hunts ~ surprises

I usually work with a theme that I think would fit the interests of the group.

Call or email to arrange a visit!

“Monica's program for children has reshaped our ideas about how to educate our daughter. Monica teaches through fun and experiential learning and the kids LOVE it and LEARN tons!” ~ Gail Lotenberg